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Open Studio is accessible to all persons wanting to utilize the metal specific tools in the shop during open studio hours, held every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. These tools are listed in the tool page for a more thorough under standing of what we offer. Please follow the directions below for how to attend Open Studio Hours.

Open Studio Hours:



Safety course   1pm - 2pm

Open studio hours   2pm - 7pm



*Every First and Fourth Thursday of the month*

Safety Course  8:30 am - 9:30am

Open Studio  9:30 am - 12:30am


Safety Course   8:30 am -  9:30 am

Open Studio   9:30 am - 1:30 pm


*Switches Every Week*


Safety Course   8:30 am -  9:30 am

Open Studio   9:30 am - 1:30pm


Safety Course   2pm -  3pm

Open Studio  3 pm - 7 pm

*See Schedule for each Saturday*





Think of it like a video game; once you take a class in any subject, you unlock that area for yourself to use during Open Studio Hours. You only need to take the Safety Course to access the Jewelry Making Area and the Fabrication Tools. To access the open studio hours, one would need to accomplish the list below first:

  1. (To use the forge) Take a Blacksmith 101 class.   If already adept at blacksmith techniques, a forging test will be administered (for a small fee) before use can be approved. Please reach out to Ashe to schedule a skills test or for further questions.

  2. (To use the MIG/TIG welders) Take a MIG/TIG Welding class. If already adept at welding techniques, a weld test will be administered (for a small fee) before use can be approved. Please reach out to Ashe to schedule a skills test or for further questions.

  3. COMING SOON (To use the CNC) Take an Intro to Plasma Cutting and Plasma CNC class. Once you have taken this class you can then reserve time slots for the CNC machine during Open Studio hours. You can reserve the machine for up to two hours per day, per person.  

  4. Take a Shop Safety Course. This course is required to use the Jewelry/metalsmithing area and fabrication tools (saw, grinders, drills, etc.) during open studio. There are some courses that will be required to use certain tools, such as the welding equipment, the blacksmith area, and the Plasma Cutter and Plasma CNC (future tools). These courses will be offered weekly and must be taken before using the open studio and the specialty tools.​​

    1. EXAMPLE: Donatella has taken a Blacksmith 101 class and wants to continue practicing during Open Studio Hours. She does not take a safety course, because she does not plan on using any other part of the shop. Donatella is super cool. ​

    2. EXAMPLE: Lucius has taken a MIG welding course and wants to practice his welds on scrap metal during Open Studio Hours. He does this without taking a Safety Course and decides he is now good enough at welding to make a table. He signs up for a Safety Course, knowing that he will need to use the saw and grinder for his upcoming project. He also goes to the steel yard to buy his material before Open Studio Hours. Lucius is a smart cookie. 

    3. EXAMPLE: Mordecai wants to use the jewelry/metalsmithing area during Open Studio Hours. They sign up for a Safety Course before doing so. Mordecai is a stand up person.

  5. Bring your materials and hardware! Metal is only provided with classes, but there will be some metal that you will be able to purchase on site, though we may not have what you are specifically looking for. If you need references for local metal providers, please see our Resources section. 

  6. Come with a plan. There will be a studio monitor present at all open studio hours, and they will be able to assist with tool and some design questions, but if you need design help you will need to schedule this with Ashe. 

Open Studio is first come first served, and there is no need to reserve spots online beforehand. You will check in and purchase Open Studio Hours with the studio monitor onsite. Alternatively, you may purchase a Membership Plan before attending and let the studio monitor know when you arrive.

  • Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

    1 hr

    50 US dollars
  • Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

    1 hr

    25 US dollars
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