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Blacksmithing is the ancient art of forming metal through the use of fire and force.  Most modern blacksmithing works with steel and invokes tools like hammers, anvils, tongs, and forges to manipulate the metal. 

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Already know how to blacksmith?

Come in for a scroll test and unlock the blacksmithing area

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Blacksmithing area.JPG

Hardy & Fuller's blacksmithing area is equipped with:

  • 3-burner natural gas forge

  • (3) anvil stands

    • Hammers

    • Tongs

    • Vices

    • Hardy tools

    • Bending tools

    • Twisting tools

  • Quench bucket

  • Specialty hammers

  • Punches

  • Texture tools

  • Pliers

  • Files

  • Treadle hammer

  • Safety equipment

    • Gloves

    • Safety glasses

    • Aprons

    • Jackets