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TIG Welding

An intro class to the prettiest welding in the world....

  • 130 US dollars
  • The Yard on Santa Fe

Service Description

INSTRUCTOR: Ashe Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), is an arc welding process that produces the weld with a non-consumable tungsten electrode. You will have seen the beautiful, wavy rainbow this low profile welding is known for, and that is the goal of this beginner level class. This type of welding is known to have a steeper learning curve than MIG welding, due to its delicate nature, and the fact that you are using up to 3 limbs at a time to accomplish your task. If you enjoy small, detailed work then this is the welding for you! During this class, we will discuss the different types of welding and why you would choose TIG welding over other methods. Then, students will become acquainted with the machines, type of shield gas, and how to properly choose amperage settings. We will discuss how to take apart the TIG welding gun, tungsten and filler rod sizes and types. We will learn how to properly sharp the tungsten and how to properly prepare and clean our material before welding. Then we will don our protective gear. We will start by learning basic DRY TACKING & STRAIGHT WELDING. We will then venture into additive/wet welds and some very basic weaves that can accompany this. At the end of class, students will receive pre-cut material to build a small sculpture on a base. This will integrate all the skills we learned in the class and students will have an example of their first foray into TIG welding to bring home. LEVEL: Beginner PRE-REQUISITES: None OPEN STUDIO QUALIFIER: Yes - TIG process only DURATION: 3 hours (approx.) CAPACITY: 2 people AGES: 14+

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Rules and Policies

Safety code strictly enforced for your safety and the safety of others. Dress for success-- - Wear all natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, canvas, denim, leather, etc.). Synthetic fabrics can melt to the skin and should be avoided. - Closed toed shoes are required at all times in the shop. Canvas or leather shoes are recommended but not required. - Long hair should be tied back and dangling jewelry/accessories should be removed. - H&F provides all other necessary Personal Protective Equipment (helmets, caps, jackets, gloves, etc.) - If you have safety equipment of your own that you prefer to wear, please feel free to bring it with you. Hardy & Fuller provides water and some snacks for our guests, but you are welcome to bring your own as well. Accessibility: Open to all differently abled persons. Please call or email with any questions or concerns. At Hardy & Fuller, we strive to provide a safe and inclusive space for all of our customers. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person for any reason, especially if the individual is racist, aggressive or bigoted towards LGBTQ+ persons. Our classes are scheduled for specific lengths of time that we found to be the most optimal for student success. Each student is different, therefore we have provided some flexibility at the end of classes to stay for 30 minutes to allow students to finish projects. We cannot stay past the extra 30 minutes, as our schedule is tightly packed. If we do not think you will finish in that time, we will let you know your options for attending Open Studio to finish the project. Thank you for understanding. Cancellations and Refunds: For a full refund, reserved spots must be cancelled 48 hours in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS. This means two days before the day of the class, i.e. if your class is on Sunday, you must cancel or reschedule on Thursday before the class for a full refund. Purchased classes can be RESCHEDULED ON THE MEMBER PORTAL if cancelled within the time frame. These policies allow us to pay our staff and specialty teachers a higher wage that matches their years of expertise that they will be sharing with you during your time here. They also allow us to continue providing a safe environment for everyone. We thank you in advance for respecting our policies and we look forward to stoking the flames with you!

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